Wooden key cards

Wooden key cards (WLELDYWD01)

Infused with RFID chip ensure smooth and hassle free access for the entry and exit. Made out of renewable elements from plant sources

Wooden Note pad

Wooden Note pad (WLELNPBR01)

Made out of premium quality wood, designed ideally to hold paper and pen for taking notes.

Rs. 250.00
Wooden Tissue Box

Wooden Tissue Box (WLELTBBR01)

Made out of premium quality wood, designed ideally to hold tissue refill box. Easy refill mechanism ensures hustle free usage.

Rs. 499.00
Wooden Fruit Basket

Wooden Fruit Basket (WLELFBBR01)

Round bowl design gets the attention of the guest. Made out of premium quality wood, designed ideally to hold seasonal whole fruits. Cute design with elegant handle ensures easy carry to place.

Rs. 499.00
Wooden Snack Stand

Wooden Snack Stand (WLELSTBR01)

Displaying the Snacks elegantly inside the room, is a gesture of care for guest. Made out of premium quality wood .Do it yourself design ensures easy handling and storage.

Rs. 499.00
Wooden Stand for Remote / Phone

Wooden Stand for Phone ( WLELRSBR01)

Aesthetic Design for comfortable pick up of remote or mobile phone stand. Made out of premium quality wooden board. Designed with live hinges gives an elegant look .

Rs. 350.00
 Wooden Cloth Hangers

Wooden Cloth Hangers (WLELHRBR01)

Cut in the single wood, With customized size, comfort in handling their clothes. Made with sturdy premium wood, designed with ergonomic sense and smooth edges.

Rs. 459.00
Wooden Table Lamps

Wooden Table Lamps (WLELTLBR01)

The Elegant unique design of table lamp with open shades gives refreshing feel for guest from conventional lamps. Made out of premium wood and designed for DIY model.

Rs. 2,599.00
 Wooden Chandeliers

Wooden Chandeliers (WLELTLBR01)

Chandeliers are made of glass, crystal, acrylics. Made out of premium wooden boards . This light fixture hangs from the ceiling. Can be used in the dining room, portico or common spaces.

Rs. 4,999.00
Wooden Collage boards

Wooden Collage boards (WLELCBBR01)

Inspiring quotes on wall does have its impact on guest. Made out of premium wooden fits into any ambience of background wall adding a detail and important amenity to the property.

Rs. 600.00
Wooden Coasters

Wooden Coasters (WLELCOBR01)

Coasters made out wood are good thermostats ensuring the surface of table. Made out of premium wooden boards, finished with varnishes can be used in wet and dry applications.

Rs. 300.00
Wooden name tags

Wooden name tags (WLELCOBR01)

Even the small name tags does impact the brand of the property. wooden name tag with conventional pins with safety tags and magnets could add more aesthetics to their customers of the property.

Rs. 150.00
Wooden planter card

Wooden planter card (WLELPCMF01)

Inhouse plants are part of the ambiance creator in the hospitality industry.These wooden card engraved with details of plan does have an impact on the experience these botany elements created.

Pen Stand & card holder

Pen Stand & card holder (WLELPSBR01)

Designed in unique shapes to remember the business / location /. Property / brand is key differentiator for this pen and card holder. Build with premium wooden boards.

Rs. 399.00